Jr. Sales Executive

We are looking for a Jr. Sales Executive to assist in developing and executing sales strategies to enhance company sales. This role involves handling client inquiries, nurturing customer relationships, and supporting senior sales executives with daily tasks to achieve or surpass sales goals.

Digital Marketing Executive

We are looking for a Digital Marketing Executive to manage the online marketing strategies for our organization. The role includes planning and executing digital marketing campaigns, managing social media profiles, and analyzing campaign effectiveness to optimize marketing strategies and improve engagement.

Purchase Executive

We are looking for a Purchase Executive to manage our company's procurement activities. The role requires developing purchasing strategies, negotiating with suppliers, and overseeing the acquisition of goods and services to ensure cost-efficiency and quality control.

Store Executive

We are looking for a Store Executive to oversee daily store operations, ensure optimal stock levels, and maintain precise inventory records. This position involves coordinating with suppliers, managing stock purchases, and ensuring the store meets sales targets and operational standards.

Sr. Engineer - Civil

We are looking for a Sr. Engineer Civil to lead our civil engineering projects. This position entails designing, developing, and overseeing construction projects, ensuring compliance with regulations, and managing teams to complete projects on time and within budget.

Quantity Engineer - Civil

We are looking for a Quantity Engineer to manage all aspects of the quantitative and cost elements of construction projects. This role involves preparing cost estimates, managing budgets, and conducting feasibility studies to ensure the financial and physical viability of projects.



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